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Removing the complex, in-humane requirements required for Legacy Internet Marketing!
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At Last! ... Your Internet Marketing Prayers have been Answered!

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Stop Sign
Stop Sign Learning Internet Marketing!
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Stop Sign Struggling to BE FOUND!
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Stop Sign Waiting for Over-Hyped/Promised Results
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Discover how this Amazingly-Simple, Lighting-Fast, Deadly-Effective Technology Breakthrough will Humanize the Internet for You!
The EASY-INSTANT Web Publishing Revolution has Begun!

JMAP Makes It Easy and Affordable for you to Be Found by Your Customers on the Top of Page 1 of Major Search Engines without the Delay, Guesswork, and Expense of ALL Other Methods ... The Internet Marketing Revolution Has Begun!

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Finally! A completely UNFAIR ADVANTAGE for your Internet Marketing...
No SEO, No Pricey Consultants, No Experience and No Skills Required!

How much money have you wasted on Internet GURUS? Buying E-courses? Attending Seminars? Paying for Coaching Programs?

How much money have you wasted on SEO Companies? Dolling out huge sums every month for unpredictable results that are months, even years away from happening?

How much money have you wasted on Pay Per Click and other Paid Internet Advertising?

How much of your time and treasure have you invested in your Internet Marketing only to fall short of receiving a Massive Return on Investment?

If you are like most aspiring Independent Internet Marketers who face never ending Guru Secrets, a 5 year learning curve, and a "Master's Degree" level education, and then 80 hours per week of personal effort to succeed in driving organic traffic on the Internet. Or, if you are like most small business owners, with ever decreasing viable, affordable advertising options, you naturally realize a few important realities about the relationship between the Internet and Your Business Success.

  1. You are certain that your Internet Visibility is critical to your success.
  2. You are certain that new customers are Critical to business growth and profitability.
  3. You are certain that creating a new customer generating presence on the Internet is difficult, expensive, and time consuming.
  4. And you are certain that you are Missing Out on what could be for you ... you are missing the New Customers.

In fact New Customers are so important, you probably have spent hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars buying leads, Internet traffic, and "clicks" so you can find that all important New Customer ... Right? So after all you have done, where are is the avalanche of new customers? Why aren't they buying from you or becoming leads for your sales force? Why can't they find you on the Web?

If you have attempted to build your own Rain Making Internet Presence, you have probably discovered that it is NOT Cheap and NOT Easy ... If you have paid others to do it for you, you have discovered the same thing ... Success on the Internet Historically has been expensive, time consuming, and mysterious ... UNTIL NOW!

In 2010, a group of aspiring struggling marketers teamed up with a couple of Internet Gurus to Create the ULTIMATE AUTOMATED MARKETING SYSTEM. They built a totally automatic Internet Marketing Domination Machine designed for Entrepreneurs and Marketers who don't have the time, don't have the money, or are just plain lazy.

Never Again would the unsuspecting business owner be robbed by Internet Scams, by Gurus who "have another secret to sell", or by expensive Internet Service and SEO providers who KNOW that you don't know any better.

Never Again would people just like you have their customers Robbed by Crack Internet Marketers who dominate your market space on the Internet, and steal Your Customers.

Never Again would you have to pony up Big Bucks to technology experts, placing your destiny in other's hands.

YES, it's been easy pickings for the "Internet Gurus", SEO companies, traffic companies, and others ... Easy for them to Pick your pocket ... That's all over now!

You see, by partnering with a true Industry Legend and some seriously skilled Internet Marketers, the founding members of this Elite Secret Business Community were able to ask for what they wanted ... and GET IT!

THE RESULT ... an Internet Marketing system so powerful that it cranks out tens of thousands of new "Internet Places" every week. And these places, or "Nodes" as we call them, are totally managed by a Secret Underground Software System that works real magic, and quickly places the network members' web sites HIGH on the search engines.

This Secret Underground Software System shows up on your own Internet Real Estate every day and does all the dirty work, all the technically challenging detail work, completely automatically, while you focus on other things, like making you more money and enjoying your life more.

People like you, who have never made money on the Internet are NOW raking it in ...

And You Could be the Next Entrepreneur to Strike Your Internet Gold ... years, even decades ahead of the alternative; and certainly much less expensively than relying entirely on paid Internet Advertising.

How this system works is a very closely guarded secret. And really, do you care how it works or THAT IT WORKS! If you can order a book on, you can effectively use the JMAP system.

And as you will soon discover when you Join the JMAP network, prosperity is heading your way, in more ways than one ...

Why would we create an Extremely Lucrative Re-seller Program for You that can generate thousands of dollars per month if you help us expand the JMAP network?

Many people ask us why we just don't hoard this incredible technology for ourselves, and take over the Internet. The reason we don't just keep this for ourselves may not be obvious unless you understand how the Internet Works, and what it means to our network when you Join Us and Create your very own Dominating Presence .

All of the details of our extraordinary Re-seller compensation program are available to you when you Sign Up Now and become a FREE member.

Right Now YOU have the opportunity to GET IN on the Ground Floor of the JMA, be the first in your business to Have the JMAP Unfair Advantage, and beat everyone else to the millions of markets available to you right now!

Understand ... when you choose to Get Your Own JMAP system Right Now you will Expand Your Profit Options, Have Your Business Found where it matters, and Begin to Make More Money because your website will be visible where your customers are!

Join Now for FREE to Learn More Details About how you can
Make Money WITH and FROM JMAP!

And be on Page 1 of Google NEXT WEEK!

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Here's the ONE Secret System that SEO Providers, Paid Internet Traffic Services, and EVERY INTERNET GURU Don't Want you to Have or even Know About ...

THIS Shockingly Simple System Places
Your Website on Page 1 of Google in as Little as 7 DAYS from TODAY!
JMAP live events

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